Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Your weightloss/fitness method!

I've recently downloaded an application on my iphone called "fitness pal". In just two weeks of using it, I have lost 3kg!! It has a large food database comprising of over a millions different foods, so you just type in what you ate, and it will search for a matching food with the amount of calories (its a calorie counting type application). You also write in what exercises you did for the day and the calories you had burnt. It also provides you with how many calories to eat per day-depending on your height, weight, and how many kgs or pounds you aim to lose per week! I absolutely love this application! My goal weight is 55kg (I am 162cm tall), and I've got 5kg to go until I'm done! I go to the gym as often as I could, as I really enjoy working out, and doing group classes, especially Zumba! ! I'd like to know how important diet and fitness is to you, and if you had at any time lost weight, and would like to share your method and the types of exercises you do?