Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The subconcious mind... An unlimited potential!

It has been a while since I have written in my blog...and I have finally found some spare time! I have recently been reading the book "Healing Body and Soul" by Amira Ayad, and it had a vast amount of tips for getting the best out of your body and soul. It covers topics such as diet and nutrition, stress, detoxification, exercise, Lifestyle changes, neurolinguistic programming and many others while implementing Islamic practices in this lifestyle change. One of the topics I found interesting was "The subconcious mind". How often do we really stop and think of our brains/mind potential, especially in times of distress or difficult challenges. Do we usually try to tackle the situation straight away or do we just stress about it..waiting for a light bulb to light up and give us the answers. What about when we are sick? How do we act? How do we recover? Do we teach our minds to think positively to help with the recovery, or do we carry on with our crankiness and let the pills do its job? In this book, Ayad explains about the two levels of the mind:
  • The Concious level- which is our perception of what happens around us, our rational thinking as well as our behaviours.
  • The Subconcious level-described as our back up system, the storage unit of our emotions. Positive thoughts produce prosperity and bliss, while negative thoughts result in troubles and distress.
In our daily life, we have numerous thoughts and emotions, all which affect our physical body, as cells cannot differentiate between true or false suggestions sent to them by our mind, whether conscious or subconcious. Now, what is the key point here?


Whatever you believe in, your subconcious mind will take this on board and your physical body, health and emotion will undoubtedly act upon this belief.
Hence, your own mind can either lift you to happiness, or be your own downfall. The subconcious mind does not subject to logical thinking, it brings into being whatever you have true faith and belief in. This is why it is vital to give your mind positive and harmonious thoughts.

A prime example of this "positive thinking" could be seen in the way the Prophet (SAW) had address his daughter Fatima when she and her husband Ali ( May peace be upon them) had asked the Prophet (SAW) for a servant as their housework was becoming unbearable. The Prophet (SAW) sat gently beside them and taught them the Zhikr- Subhanallah 33 times, Alhamdulillah 33 times and Allahu Akbar 34 times, to be read every night before bedtime. He then further said " The following morning, you will find within yourself the strength to perform all the needed work". Fatima and Ali both practiced this with total faith and had felt they no longer needed a servant. (Abd al-Kafy, 2005-2006).

This article is to be continued....

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srsmiley333 said...

great recommendation- I was looking for a islamic-minded book to get into and this sounds great!