Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why choose organic health and beauty?

These days, people are becoming increasingly aware of the food they consume and skin products they use. People are now starting to buy organic foods from direct outlets, fresh fruits and vegetables directly from farmers, and skin/personal care containing more natural organic elements. But the question is, why?
In the world we are living in, pollution and free radicals (radicals react with the DNA and the cell membrane, which in turn causes the cell to die) surround us, and there is little we can do to control this. Fruits and vegetables are being sprayed with various chemicals such as pesticides, chickens are pumped with growth hormones to fatten them up, one third of all personal care products contain one of more ingredients classified as possible carcinogens! 89% of the 10,500 skin/personal care we use have not even been evaluated for safety! Which means that we may be consuming and using products which may be even classified as possible carcinogens..linking to various types of cancer!
So why organic?
  • It is good for the soil!
  • Good for the environment-depending on non renewable resources
  • Good for people-organic based ingredients have been showen in a number of studies to contain more vitamins, nutrients and cancer fighting antioxidents as compared to non organic.
  • No synthetic chemicals-prohibits the use of artificial chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers.
  • No genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Thinking of introducing an organic lifestyle into your life?

At some supermarkets, you may find organic foods such as organic sugar, organic fruits and vegetables etc. You can search online for retailers who sell organic products, and those farmers who grow their crops organically. And for the skin/ personal care use, I recommend Miessence!

What is Miessence?

First of all, Miessence is the worlds first extensive range of internationally certified organic skin, hair, body, cosmetic, oral and nutritional products. I myself have been using it after seeing the result of my sisters beautiful complexion and healthy appearance. Since then, I have joined this Miessence business and hope to educate others of the foods, and products they are using daily.

If you would like more information about organic products, or if you would like to browse around the website, feel free to visit my online shop at:

In there you will find a vast amount of information regarding organics, and various products. They even have a mother-baby range, cosmetics such as foundation, mascara etc containing organic ingredients and much more!

Have fun looking around at the hundreds of products!

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