Monday, March 19, 2012

Handcrafted Skin Products made with Essential Oils

Ok, I have recently tried to convert myself into an organic natural green girl although I am still struggling! Many of the natural products selling in natural stores are quite expensive, including one which I am actually a representative of (Miessence). Although I must admit, once I used Miessence products which are organic and natural, my skin cleared up alot! So anyways, I went to do some research on some of the ingredients which I found were in the Miessence products, such as various essential oils and carrier oils and I was quite suprised that these essential oils actually help regenerate skin cells and clear the skin, resulting in clear, flawless skin! Here is some of the information which I had found:
  • Carrot Seed Essential Oil contain antioxidants. It repair all the damages done to your tissues by the oxidants (free radicals) and stop them from doing further harm. The antioxidants reduces the pace of ageing and appearance of wrinkles on the skin. It was also known as "The fountain of youth" by the Romans and Greeks.
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil has wonderful moisturizing and hydrating properties, which are great for anti-ageing skincare. The toning effect is also useful when fighting oily skin.
  • Rosewood Essential Oil helps in the regeneration of the skin. It eliminates the stretch marks and has the ability to contract your skin and regenerate the skin tissues, thereby helping in maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. This oil also lifts up the loosened facial skin, thereby removing wrinkles and making you look younger.
  • Rose Geranium Essential Oil helps to balance the secretion of sebum and clears sluggish and oily skins. It also helps with acne and dermatitis.
  • Lavender Essential Oil helps clear the skin by fighting bacteria and reducing inflammation.
  • Almond Oil contains Vitamin E which prevents cell damage. Almond oil is also high in antioxidents which helps reduce wrinkles, softens and moisturies the skin and also reduces acne and other blemishes.
I've done alot more research on many different types of Oils and Butters and there was numerous information regarding their benefits. And so I had decided to start making my own products, using the best essential oils and butters which are out there, and make face creams, eye gels, body creams and if I have time I may also make shampoos, shower gels etc. I have already ordered some essential oils, body butters, safe natural preservatives and jars to put them in! I also started to make my own labels! I am sooo excited to receive them and start using my own homemade creams with anti ageing properties!! Plus I would also love to sell my products at affordable prices! As I know how frustrating it could be when you see a beautiful natural face cream with lovely ingredients, but when you look at the price tag it may not be what you had wanted it to be!

There is one other thing which also amazes me. Allah (swt) has created all these beautiful trees and plants, yet its not just their appearance which makes them beautiful. They also have a beautiful smell, texture, and most importantly, they provide us with so many uses! They have a tremendous amount of medicinal properties and help cure various ailments. Allay says in the Quran:

"Then let human beings look at their food, that We pour forth water in abundance, and We split the earth in clefts, and We cause therein the grain to grow, and grapes and clover plants (green fodder for the cattle), and olives and date palms, and gardens, dense with many trees, and fruits and herbage (greens), (to be) a provision and benefit for you and your cattle." (Quran 80: 24-32).

Subhanallah, sometimes when we smell, look, feel and ponder upon something beautiful, we must always ultimately remember Allah, as He is the one who had provided us with all these things and these are all signs in order to ponder over His Oneness, Greatness, and His Mercy. Alhamdulillah!

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My kinda post! I love reading about the benefits of natural foods.