Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Benefit of ozone gas at Dawn (fajr)

Besides the amount of rewards we would get from waking up for Fajr prayers, what benefit does waking up at that time (dawn) have on our body? Did you know, that the highest proportion of ozone gas (O3) in the atmosphere is registered at dawn. Thereafter it starts to fade away and completely disappears by sunrise.

What does this ozone gas do to us? This gas is very important and beneficial for our nervous system as it vivifies the brain and energises the muscles such that when a person inhales the beautiful breeze at dawn, known as the SAABA wind, they will experience a pleasure that is unparalleled at any other time of day or night.

Amazing right? Now why would anyone want to miss out on this great benefit! That will benefit us in this life and the next! Wow mashAllah, lets not miss out on these beautiful bounties Allah has given us! So lets set our alarms, and get ready to awaken our mind and body!!

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