Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A muslim hospital?

Aha! I have my first question I would love to get feedback on...what do you think of a muslim nurse/doctor?? Do u think more muslims should get into this profession and maybe one day..who knows..open up a muslim hospital?? Ok..so some people may be thinking whats the difference between the muslim hospital and a normal hospital...well..you see..at times of sickness muslims feel they want to get closer to Allah (God)..and from experience when I visited the hospital there isn't much privacy and the radio is on 24/7..not to mention the Christian station particularly...at this point in time muslims would want to hear Quran which psychologically has a great effect on their wellbeing..it makes them feel at ease and peaceful.
So...think about it..if we opened up a muslim hospital, all the beds would face the Holy Ka'bah, and we would have wash basins near each bed..and when they want to make wudhu they just call the nurses and the nurses would help them make wudhu.
There would be Dua's in nice frames up on the walls..Quran and nasheeds playing all day and all night long..maybe a nice tasbih on the little drawer beside them as well as a Quran...maybe someone who comes in to talk about Islam..especially in the pediatric ward for the teenagers on topics such as youth in Islam and nasheed bands could come in once in a while to perform! And they could have Islamic activities such as Islamic crossword puzzles or quizzes during the day if the patient is not so sick! Muslim women nurses could attend to the muslim women patients and vice versa...the nurses could remind them to make dua before they eat...and before they sleep...ok...so maybe I am getting carried away!! But from my opinion..I would love to see a muslim hospital being open in a non muslim society...with the best muslim doctors and nurses and other health professionals!!!


Jamaican Hijabi said...

Assalamu alaikum,

MashaAllah, those are wonderful ideas. I know two muslim sisters who are in med school here in Jamaica and two who have finished nursing school, so I am all for the idea, it sounds great. Especially for us females, its great if we would have female muslim doctors to go to. I like the idea of Quran and Nasheed playing also instead of music. All the best in your studies.

Huda Lee said...

Masha'allah, I wish there will be one too! I am also studying my diploma in nursing in Singapore. Am glad to stumble on another muslim nurse like you. :)